Traditional Wedding outfit of an Indian Muslim bride

Traditional Wedding outfit of an Indian Muslim bride

Islamic bridal dress consists of three different outfits which the bride has to wear on different occasions. In this article, we will take a look at various events at the wedding where the bride can look stunning.

Weddings are one of the most important events in every man and woman’s life. The bride and the groom want to look their best on this special day. That’s why months before the wedding date, the families of the bride and groom indulge in shopping and wedding preparations.

The traditional wedding for the bride and groom differs as per religion, region and culture. Even in the same religion, the regional and cultural differences influence the way people dress for the wedding.

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3 Indian Muslim bridal outfits for the 3 events of an Islamic wedding

The Indian Islamic bridal costumes are bright and brilliant with colorful hues. It features heavily embroidery work with gold and silver-colored threads, zari work, shimmer work, brocade, and stonework. Green is considered an auspicious color in Islam. The bridal costume emphasizes that on the fact that it is designed modest, covering almost all the body with proper necklines and only the brides’ face and hands be visible to the public.

1. Bridal outfit for Mehndi

The wedding begins with the elaborate Mehndi ceremony. The Mehendi is a customary consent from both the families of bride and groom for the marriage, also known as Nikaah in Islam. The bridal attire is preferably yellow which goes well with henna. The bride can wear a heavy work saree, bridal salwar-kameez or a stunning embellished lehenga with a blouse for the event. A dupatta that matches or contrasts the costume is a must for all bridal outfits which aptly covers the head of the bride.

Jewelry is not an important accessory for Mehendi. However, some brides prefer to wear gold or pearls while nowadays, use floral jewelry which is trending.

2. Bridal Outfit for Nikah

Another Islamic bridal dress is for the main event – Wedding i.e. Nikah where both the families gather and the bride and groom agree for the marriage.

The bridal outfit for the Nikah ceremony is colorful, bright featuring heavy golden work and the ideal color is bright red. Usually, brides choose red ghagra (long pleated skirt) with a long sleeve blouse and a flowing dupatta that matches the bridal outfit. The dupatta hangs low over the bowed head and is well-draped around her shoulders and waist. It is draped in such a way that gold jewelry is well visible to everyone at the wedding. The dupatta functions as a veil and is considered a mark of respect to the elders. The Muslim bridal dupatta features spectacular work of embroidery, zari, etc. and plays an important role in a bridal outfit.

The nose pin in the right side of the nose is a must for a married Muslim woman. You will also find a Jhoomar or Pasa that classifies a Muslim bride from others.

3. Bridal outfit for Valima

Valima is hosted by the groom’s family to welcome the bride. It signifies the consummation of Nikaah. The family and the guests gather to have a grand feast and have a glimpse of the new bride. The bridal outfit is usually presented by the bride’s mother-in-law.

In many regions, a set of clothing and jewelry is presented to the newlywed bride by the mother-in-law. From heavy sarees to flowing lehengas, the preferred colors for the bridal outfit ranges from bright red to dark pink, deep mauve, and green with heavy gold/silver jewelry studded with precious stones.

India is a country of various religions and the Indian Muslim wedding is no exception. The colorful bridal outfit paired with gold, silver jewelry plays an important role in weddings.

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