About us

If you are searching for a true life partner in the Kerala Muslim community, then your search ends here. www.keralanikah.com is a high-quality matrimonial website which aims to help the Kerala Muslim brides and Kerala Muslim grooms to find the suitable partners in a tradition that they follow. It accepts registration of matured Kerala Muslim women and men who are ready for nikah. The portal is trustworthy and provides highly technical services for better user experience. The site makes the online matchmaking search easy without taking a burden of a number of memberships which are increasing day by day.

Spotlight of www.keralanikah.com
  • Easy registration with mobile and from the website too.
  • User-friendly interface with trustworthy privacy policy statements.
  • Storage of wide range of profiles from around the globe.
  • Proper screening and validation of the registered profiles to ensure that they satisfy the norms and rules of the website.
  • Safe and secure site. 100% privacy guaranteed.

www.keralanikah.com is dedicated to the community of Islam. It aims to provide it customers with easy to use interface and functionality that helps them to connect, identify and filter the partners as per their wish. The portal was built after doing deep research and analytics thus satisfying the needs and concerns of the visitors.

The management team behind the portal is truly a creed of Islam and are fully dedicated towards the growth of this online matrimony site. www.keralanikah.com provides a friendly and choice based matchmaking experience to the members while ensuring their privacy and security of information.

www.keralanikah.com invite you join and encounter the extraordinary results in selecting a suitable life partner. The portal fulfills all the needs of Kerala Muslim singles in today’s era.